New reality show 10,000 BC goes back to the Stone Age

Channel 5’s new reality TV show takes 20 people back to the Stone Age. It’s pretty obvious how this one is going to go — but we’ll be watching anyway.

Channel 5 has gone back to the Stone Age with its new reality TV show, 10,000 BC. Will you be tuning in to watch a male model, a farmer, a nightclub owner and 17 other contestants try to make fire, forage for food and hunt wild animals in a remote Bulgarian forest (while wearing animal skins)?

Predictably getting used to a Stone Age existence is harder for some participants than others. One woman clearly didn’t get the memo and turned up in high heels. Another is a vegetarian, who wasn’t too pleased when the group were welcomed to the forest with a freshly slaughtered deer.

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10,000 BC is being marketed as “groundbreaking” but chances are it will follow the tried-and-tested reality television formula: people will cry a lot, argue about food and some of them will quit the process (in this case, two volunteers gave up only two days into the five-week experiment due to homesickness and heat exhaustion).

Video credit: Channel 5/YouTube

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So how did people live in 10,000 BC?

  • Stone, wood, bone and antlers were used as weapons and implements.
  • People spent their days digging shallow pits and trenches to mine for flint.
  • The latest new technology was the ability to make fire.
  • The fashion of the day was animal skin, sewn together with thread made from plant materials using bone needles.
  • Few people lived past the age of 30.

Channel 5’s 10,000 BC starts on Monday at 10 p.m.

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