Katy Perry asked to star in Paul Potts biopic

The King’s Speech producer Harvey Weinstein is planning a Hollywood movie of Britain’s Got Talent winner Paul Potts’ life, and wants pop star Katy Perry to play Paul’s wife Julie-Ann.

The story of Paul Potts’ transition from shop assistant to international opera star thanks to Britain’s Got Talent is set to be made into a film by The Weinstein Company, responsible for award-winning biopics such as The King’s Speech and My Week With Marilyn. The film will be called One Chance, sharing the name of Paul’s debut album, and producer Harvey Weinstein has been talking about his plans for the cast.

For the role of Paul’s wife Julie-Ann, sometimes known as Jules, two big name pop stars are being considered: Katy Perry and Adele. Harvey told reporters recently, “I was talking to Katy about a new project, a possible dramatic role in the Paul Potts movie, which will be shooting in England soon. We’d really like someone like Katy or Adele to play the role of Potts’ wife, and Katy seemed genuinely interested.”

As for the lead role of Potts himself, Weinstein says he is in negotiations with a British actor but has not revealed the star’s identity. One thing that is confirmed is that David Frankel, the man behind The Devil Wears Prada, will be the director. Perhaps he can call his old pal Meryl Streep to play Paul’s mum? An emotional biopic of an unlikely star which also happens to feature Streep would be a dead cert for all the big 2013 award nominations!

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