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Geri Halliwell launches new Union Jack collection for Next


One of the most iconic outfits of the past twenty years is the tiny Union Jack dress Geri Halliwell wore for the Spice Girls’ Brit Awards performance in 1997, and Geri has reprised the look in promotional photos for her new line with clothing store Next.

Geri Halliwell has expanded her collaboration with high street clothing chain Next with a very British new line. Geri originally launched a swimwear collection for Next in January last year, and it was so successful that she followed it with a line of glamorous dresses in October. Now she’s taken inspiration from her own most iconic stage outfit for a new range, the Union Jack collection.

The new collection includes Union Jack swimwear, tops and dresses, and Geri posed with models wearing some of the outfits at today’s press launch. As Geri’s now fifteen years older, she’s toned down the look a little. The dress she wore today almost reached her knees, but was still clearly inspired by the original design which was worn during a Spice Girls performance of “Wannabe” and “Who Do You Think You Are” at The Brit Awards in 1997.

Geri isn’t the first Spice Girl to move into the fashion world. Victoria Beckham, known as the fashionista of the group, has her own fashion brand which produces dresses, jeans and accessories. If the rumoured reunion for this year’s Queen’s Jubilee concert goes ahead, hopefully Geri and Victoria won’t end up arguing over who should design the band’s stage costumes!

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