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What wedding dress will Kate wear?

What dress will Kate wear on her wedding day? Many people are talking about it! Will it be a British designer? Ultimately- it will be revealed on her special day April 29, 2011.

Break from tradition

As you may already know Kate will not be riding in her chariot of horses through out London on her wedding day.

Her wishes are to take a car directly to the church with her father, Michael, who will be giving her away only to reveal the royal wedding dress at the very last moment. With this non-traditional gesture we could only guess that her wedding dress alike will be another non-traditional surprise.

What about the dress?

What wedding dress will Kate wear on her special day? Some people suggest she will wear one of Princess Diana’s favourite designers such as Arabella Pollen, Bruce Oldfield, Amanda Wakeley, Catherine Walker, or Versace. However, many rumours are not proving so.

Regretfully, Alexander McQueen passed away last April. He would have been a great contender.

Although, New York Fashion sates, “There’s indication that Catherine has gone for a young, ‘little-known,’ British designer. When the name is officially announced, it will come as a surprise to many, and the designer will then be known around the world. For clues on the identity, I suggest looking at those who have made dresses for Catherine, her sister Pippa, and her mother Carole.” reveals that Kate has already consulted with Diana’s designer, Elizabeth Emanuel. In an interview with, Elizabeth Emanuel says Middleton should keep it simple when choosing her dress for her nuptials next year. “I think she’s got a very good figure, so she should probably wear something quite simple, but with a really nice, strong silhouette,” Emanuel told TooFab. “Probably classic but with a bit of an edge to it, since she’s got a good fashion sense.”

Many have already submitted their ideas to People Magazine. Designers such as Monique Lhuillier, Phillipa Lepley and Vivienne Westwood are some of Britian’s favourites.

Whatever, the future ‘Queen of England’ reveals to us on April 29th, 2011 I am sure it will be stunning as well as be a dress that will go down in history.

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