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Top moments on Coronation Street

Soapland’s senior citizen turns 50 in 2010, and Ken’s barnet is as luscious and fulsome as ever. Here are just a handful of the best births, deaths and duplicities we’ve seen so far on Coronation Street.

Alan Bradley being run over by a tram

Rita’s romance with the abominable Alan Bradley was already over when he followed her to Blackpool with hateful intent. Desperate to escape, Rita fled across the tramlines, barely avoiding being mown down. Alan was less lucky however, suffering soap’s best fate ever: death by tram. A stonking 26.9 million viewers watched Alan snuff it.

Tracy killing Charlie

A saucy lap dance turned bad for love cheat Charlie, when Tracy stopped strutting her stuff and bopped him on the head with a heavy object. He clung on to life for a few days before finally dying, much to Tracy’s relief. All she had to worry about then was the small matter of a murder charge.

Free Deirdre!

Weatherfield’s unlikeliest con, Deirdre Barlow, found herself sentenced to 18 months behind bars following an unfortunate dalliance with smooth-talking “airline pilot” Jon Lindsay. Even Tony Blair got involved as a nation campaigned to Free the Weatherfield One, while Ken and Mike did a similar job onscreen. When Jon’s ex-wife stepped up to blacken his name he got his comeuppance – and Deirdre was freed!

Sarah’s baby “joy”

There was national outrage when 12-year-old Sarah-Louise Platt announced her pregnancy, after an unfortunate liaison with some loser schoolkid. It was a major stress-fest for Gail, who stood by her daughter, and there was a silver lining for all when Bethany Britney (of course) put in an appearance four months later.

Evil Richard killing Maxine

It was a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time for dappy hairdresser Maxine Peacock when she walked in on Richard Hillman at his killer worst. He’d just whacked Emily with a crowbar, and quickly turned on Maxine, delivering a fatal blow.

The death of Don Brennan

After a long running feud with Mike Baldwin, who he blamed for his hopeless fall from grace, Don was determined to get even. He held his nemesis hostage and duffed him up before helping himself to Alma’s car, putting his foot down and driving straight into the viaduct wall. Dead Don.

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