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Katie Price’s top 10 Wildest moments


When talking about Katie Price’s wild ways, the problem here is narrowing it down to just the top 10.

1. Flashing her assets

Most of us know Jordan’s boobs better than we know our own, and the girl wasted no time in getting ’em out, doing her first glamour shoot aged 13 (with a photographer who later turned out to be a convicted pedophile.)

2. Eurovision

What heavily pregnant woman wouldn’t want to squeeze her expansive self into her best hot pink catsuit and warble her way to Eurovision glory? Jordan tried, and failed, missing out to Javine in the Brit shortlist show.

3. Bedding Gareth Gates

Stuttering teen pinup Gareth Gates wasn’t an obvious match for the buxom man eater, who told all about their affair in the first of her many autobiographies. She was preggers with her son, Harvey, at the time.

4. Bedding Dwight Yorke, Dane Bowers, Ace from Gladiators…

…the list goes on. And on. Thanks to Katie’s inability to keep her trap shut there’s not much we don’t know about the boudoir style, penis size and personality defects of the above, and everyone else she’s ever been to bed with.

5. Peter

Before booze, jealousy and who knows what else tore Katie and Peter Andre apart, they were Britain’s cheesiest, most over-exposed couple. Not so much wild-outrageous as wildly awful, they famously serenaded the nation with their own excruciating version of A Whole New World.

6. Life after Pete

Katie went wild after breaking up with Peter Andre, hitting the Ibiza club scene in what looked a lot like swimwear, snogging pretty much anything that moved, male or female. She’s also alleged to have dissed female partygoers with lines like “I’ve got a better body than you and I’ve had three kids”.

7. Bagging — and banging — a cage fighter

Within what felt like minutes of the very public breakdown of her marriage, Katie had a new man in burly cage fighter Alex Reid. The equally orange twosome was pictured frolicking in a Malaga swimming pool, Price sporting just a g-string.

8. Jealous girl

Katie’s always been a bit on the possessive side, and Alex’s ex found this out the hard way when she sent him a cheeky Facebook message. A fuming Katie replied on his behalf, saying: “Marie stop being such a desperate slag. you had your chance with were s**t in bed an couldn’t except him so jog on. ps thanks for being a great fan an f*** off.”

9. Rape

Katie recently confessed she was once raped by a famous celeb. Despite this public admission, she has vowed to remain uncharacteristically tight-lipped on the details, saying she’ll “never” reveal who did it.

10. Live birth

Is Jordan’s wildest moment still to come? She once threatened to give birth live on the internet, a sight we’ve so far been saved. But there’s still time.

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