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Adrian Grenier confirms Entourage movie sequel, makes it sound epic

The Entourage movie isn’t even out until this summer, but Adrian Grenier and Mark Wahlberg already have big plans for the sequel.

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Speaking with MTV News at Sundance, Grenier said, “The movie is awesome. I think it’s going to be a huge success; I think people are going to love it. We’re all very proud of it. That means most likely there will be another… [executive producer] Doug Ellin has his contract to write the next one… I think he’s starting to brainstorm. If you have any ideas, tweet Doug Ellin and give him some.”

Wahlberg echoed Grenier’s statements during a recent interview with Access Hollywood, “I told Doug, ‘Let’s not wait for the movie to come out to start planning the next one because this is definitely going to be a big success.’ If I have anything to do with it, there will be [a second movie].”

Not only will fans be getting a sequel, it will also be bigger and better, according to Grenier.

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“You always want a sense of escalating circumstances, especially with a series — you’ve got to always top your last episode,” Grenier explained. “This has to top a whole successful series. It’s definitely bigger in scope. It’s a film, it’s a real film. The set pieces are bigger, the conflicts are a little bit more elevated, and it’s going to be a fun ride.”

I like to think of Entourage as Sex and the City for men, and those films did extremely well, so I think Grenier is onto something, even though he’s kind of jumping the gun. After all, the Entourage film only released the full-length trailer in December.

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Plus, you can’t deny the film looks pretty badass.

Get ready for a ton of cameos and lot of action (we’re not just talking about car chases here, people).

The Entourage movie will be released June 5, 2015. Do you think the film deserves a sequel?

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