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Bobbi Kristina’s ‘friend’ could have been a factor in her near-drowning

The friend who found Bobbi Kristina Brown unconscious in her bathtub has a violent criminal record — and if one particular accusation against him is true, it would make him a sick psychopath.

Max Lomas once dated Brown and remains a friend of her and her husband Nick Gordon — and he also happens to be an alleged drug dealer. On Jan. 14, cops were called to his house by the parents of his girlfriend, who accused him of forcibly drugging their daughter so she wouldn’t run away from his home.

When the cops questioned the girl, she said she was fine and not being held against her will — but the call was enough for cops to search Lomas’ home, where they found what looked to them like a tidy little drug operation: 5.2 ounces of weed, illegal Xanax, two marijuana grinders, a digital scale, 1000 Ziploc bags and a gun, according to TMZ.

He was arrested for possession of drugs with intent to distribute.

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While police said they did not find anything unusual in Brown’s house during a cursory search the day she was pulled unconscious from her bathtub, family members confirm that the cops returned for a more in-depth look and found drugs. And if those drugs can be traced back to Lomas, he will be in deep, deep trouble.

And as it turns out, Lomas has a history of violent criminal behavior. Back in 2011 he was charged with assaulting a male passenger in Brown’s car, punching him until the alleged victim was bleeding from the mouth, then waving a gun in the air. Those charges were eventually dropped.

The family of Brown’s mother, Whitney Houston, issued a statement on her condition Monday, reading, “Bobbi Kristina is fighting for her life and is surrounded by immediate family. We are asking you to honor our request for privacy during this difficult time. Thank you for your prayers, well wishes, and we greatly appreciate your continued support.”

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