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Paris Hilton’s Instagram pic has people asking: Did she get plastic surgery?

Paris Hilton has decided to treat fans to behind-the-scenes pictures from her latest photo shoot, but fans are particularly interested in the picture of her without a bra.

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On Tuesday, the hotel heiress posted several shots from a photo shoot with photographer Troy Jensen for her new Paris Hilton purse campaign and nail polish line. And the picture that really grabbed the attention of fans was the one of her in a white robe, showing off ample cleavage — which has since sparked rumors that the Simple Life star may have gotten plastic surgery.

According to RadarOnline, in 2009, Hilton claimed she’d never have a boob job, saying, “I like looking natural and flat-chested.” Although, she did admit to wearing a padded bra, but in this picture there is no bra and the starlet’s assets do seem to have grown dramatically. But could it just be the angle and the way that she is standing?

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Well, many fans seem to think that Hilton has gone under the knife, and TMZ has even started a poll asking if people think that the heiress’ breasts are real or fake. The consensus? So far, out of almost 40,000, votes 91 percent of people think that Hilton has definitely had some work done.

Regardless of whether she has had plastic surgery or not, there is no denying that Hilton looks amazing and her recent photo shoot is further proof of that.

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However, we’d still love to know what you think: Do you think Paris Hilton’s breasts are real or fake? Or does it even matter?

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