Azealia Banks sparks outrage with her whiteface pic (PHOTO)

Azealia Banks is no stranger to controversy, but one of her latest Instagram pics has sparked outrage, and the rapper has made no attempts to apologize.

On Monday, Banks raised eyebrows when she posted a picture of herself with white makeup on her face, along with the caption, “#whiteface.”

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And when her followers reacted badly to the post, Banks took to Twitter to tell people that she wasn’t doing whiteface; she was being an “ice princess” for her latest music video.

However, in the process she proceeded to insult her critics by calling them “crackers,” and when people were upset by the name-calling, she then tweeted, “I use the word crAcker [sic] just as much as I use the word n*****… Don’t get mad now.”
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Banks later explained that the backlash for her picture was “#MISOGYNOIR at its finest!!” “Misogynoir” is a term coined by gay black feminist scholar Moya Bailey and refers to anti-black misogyny.
And to further prove her point, Banks later posted other pictures of her ice princess transformation. However, it was her first hashtag that clearly offended people.

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