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Jimmy Fallon’s remake of the Fresh Prince intro has the best cameos (VIDEO)

For most of us, we’ve had just about enough of this winter.

Well, Jimmy Fallon, his The Tonight Show crew and The Roots are with us.

He decided to ditch the Rockefeller Center digs and the NYC cold for the sunny skies of Los Angeles, and we don’t blame him. Fallon will be taking The Tonight Show back to LA for a stint in Hollywood Studios, just like his predecessor.

Of course, he announced his temporary western move, just as we would expect, with the most fantastic shot-by-shot remake of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song.

You know every word to the original. Check out Jimmy’s version:

You totally bobbed your head and tapped your foot the whole time, and now you won’t be able to stop singing it all day.

Thank you, Jimmy, thank you.

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