Luke Evans talks the pitfalls of fame and being stereotyped

Feb 3, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. ET

Sexy Welsh actor Luke Evans is perhaps best known as Bard from The Hobbit films. His most recent film, Dracula Untold is finally out on DVD and we were lucky enough to sit down with classically trained actor to chat about it.

Perhaps because he's British, or perhaps because he came from doing theater, Dracula Untold's Luke Evans never really imagined himself as famous. Now, after three The Hobbit films, he's getting recognized all over the world. But Evans told us being famous was never part of the plan.

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"Believe me, there's nothing about fame that I want. Fame is one of the by-products that happen if you're in a very public profile, image-conscious industry, and this one is probably at the top of the pile. It's not that enjoyable, so for me, I don't want any level of fame, I'll just deal with whatever level of fame I have to deal with. Whether it's getting followed down the street, being followed by paparazzi interfering with your day, that's not very nice, but that's life," he said.

Evans also admitted that he witnessed other people dealing with fame a long time ago but was never able to really process what the experience was like until now. Though he doesn't really experience getting hounded by fans or the media that often, when he does, he said, "It's not very nice. It's rude. But it's something you have to process and deal with. I'm happiest when I'm on a film set or in my house. Two places they can't find me."

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When it comes to traveling and working long hours on the set, he said he inherited a superpower from his family that makes it all a little bit easier.

"My grandmother used to say, 'Luke, you can sleep on a chicken's lip.' As you can imagine, a chicken's lip is very thin. I could fall asleep right now if you wanted me to. It's something a lot of actors who work on movie sets master. I've watched Ian McKellen fall asleep as Gandalf, propped up in a chair for 10 minutes, then wake up and do a scene. So many times you have to be on set at four in the morning and then go to hair and makeup, then you hang about. So I've mastered the art of power napping very well."

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Dracula Untold is out on DVD and Blu-ray today.

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