Katy Perry dissed Taylor Swift during the Super Bowl? You be the judge

Feb 2, 2015 at 10:58 p.m. ET
Image: Rob Carr/Getty Images Sport

It had been foreshadowed and whispered about for weeks. The big dis. What was the outspoken (and often-crazy) songstress, Katy Perry, going to do to dis her arch enemy, Taylor Swift?

So, when the Super Bowl Halftime Show rolled around, we grabbed the bucket of popcorn and waited for the wit, the burn, the sheer genius of a clever slight.

What we got was not a whole lot, if you can call it anything at all.

Now, Perry's actual performance was totally on point. I mean, four outfit changes and she rode both a giant, walking tiger and a shooting star. Not to mention, she got to jam (and twerk) with Lenny Kravitz.

That is a lot, even for the most energetic performer, to cram into a 10-minute performance. How could she even think about a little thing like a desperate blood feud with a fellow female artist?

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So, when we all turned to each other in utter disbelief that Perry let us down with no burn of a lifetime, we took to the internet for proof of its existence.

And lo and behold, there it was. The super fans found it, hidden in the cotton candy-colored bikinis of the backup dancers.

The dis, alive and well.

We think. Maybe…

One super Miley Cyrus fan pointed out the unmistakable similarity between Taylor Swift's bathing suit and those worn by Perry's backup dancers.



There it is. That is what we wanted!

Wait. What? That's it? That's what all the buildup was for? Are we, as @mileyfan2014 points out, reading too much into this?

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OK. Let's back up for a little history lesson so you can understand the understated (but still kinda awesome) slight.

Remember back in the day when Katy Perry "stole" all of Taylor Swift's backup dancers? Yeah, well, that is what the two performers' bitter rivalry is all about.

Ya get it? Backup dancers dressed like Tay… oh, OK, you get it.

And to make it even better: The now-infamous shark dancing next to Perry was one of those infamous stolen dancers.

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I think the only way to settle this would be for Swift to include a Chazz Michael Michaels-inspired dancer on her next tour.


Or maybe she'll just do like she's been doing of late (and probably should do) and just shake it off.

What do you think? Was it a direct dis? Or are we reading waaaaay too much into this?