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The Mindy Project: We’re convinced Mindy’s pregnant! Here’s proof


We’ve had a revelation! The Mindy Project is about to add in a tiny new character and one major plot twist. Is Mindy pregnant? We think so.

In an Entertainment Weekly exclusive, we watch Dr. Prentice lube up to give Mindy her annual OBGYN exam and the ending is pretty telling. During the clip, she fumes about how Peter always makes a lame joke about how he found something in her vagina, but he hasn’t done that yet. Not much is weird about that. However, it’s where the clip ends that seems most telling. It’s just as Dr. Prentice is really getting into his exam that their exclusive clip cuts off. Here’s how we think the rest of that episode will go down.

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Peter is going to feel that Mindy is pregnant

Is “feel” the right word? We still have no idea what Dr. McGrope does when he’s rooting around inside our lady parts, but we’re pretty sure a pregnancy is something they can feel. Obviously, how it will play out is that Peter will say he thinks she’s pregnant and Mindy will think it’s that dumb joke, again. She’ll think she sees it from a mile away… just like this story line. Except this time, Peter won’t be telling a joke.

Mindy will freak out and make way too many huge life decisions

Another interesting point in that clip is Mindy’s talk of the job in San Fran. Obviously, Dr. L can’t move across the country for good! Danny will never go and Mindy is nothing without her band of weirdos. She must stay in New York and a baby is the perfect way to stay grounded there. At even the whiff of a baby, she’ll turn down the job and start nesting at both her apartment and Danny’s. Girlfriend wants to raise an Upper West Side baby. You know it.

Danny will find out

Another epic bonus to a Mindy Project baby is how it will shake Danny’s life to the core. Mr. Good Little Catholic Boy probably won’t hear the news from Mindy. But he’ll still find out and he’ll be floored. How will Ma react? What will the Pope say?

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… and he’ll try to “make things right”

Being the good Catholic boy that he is, he’ll only see one option upon figuring out Mindy’s “situation”: They’ll need to marry. There’s a chance he could come to Mindy, tell her he knows, tell her he loves her and ask her to marry him. But that’s not how it will go down.

It’s a false alarm

There’s a pretty good chance that, along the way, Mindy will figure out she’s not actually pregnant. False alarm! However, she’ll decide to stick with the choices she made during her time of stress. She made them for a reason: That’s what she wants. When Danny proposes to his “pregnant” girlfriend, Mindy will be over the moon. He’s finally asked her to marry him. She’s finally getting what she wants. It’s pure bliss. Until it’s not.

That “baby” will ruin everything

At some point during her celebrations, Danny will fess up to knowing about the baby. It’s then that Mindy will realize Danny wasn’t proposing as some ultimate romantic way of confessing his love for her but, rather, as a way to make things better with the Catholic Church. She’ll be (rightfully) devastated.

Season 3 will end with a breakup

Last season ended with Mindy and Danny finally together, so it only makes sense that this season ends in heartache. When Mindy finds out Danny only proposed because of the baby, she’ll fly back to California… presumably to still nab that job in San Fran. Danny, meanwhile, will be left in New York to figure out if he really only wanted to marry Mindy because of the baby… or if maybe he really loves her that much, after all.

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