9 Things to know about Katy Perry's shark guy and his ninja-turtle abs

Feb 2, 2015 at 4:45 p.m. ET
Image: Rob Carr/Getty Images Sport

The internet is still buzzing about Katy Perry's awesome Super Bowl XLIX halftime show, but what the world isn't aware of is the tragedy that occurred during the performance.

You see, despite all of the fireworks, animatronics, football field-sized chessboards, awesome outfits worn by Perry and a surprise appearance by Missy Elliott, the public was denied a glimpse of one of the most awe-inspiring aspects of the show: the super-hot guy hidden underneath a clumsy shark costume.

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Yes, dancing sharks are cute and delightful and gave the "California Girls" segment of Perry's mini-concert that little extra oomph, and we're definitely not complaining that we got to see these guys dance around with glee.

Katy Perry and Sharks

Image: Giphy

We also can't help but feel Super Bowl watchers were cheated, though, because this is what was lying in wait under one of the shark onesies:


Katy Perry backup dancer Scott Myrick has come forward on social media and identified himself as one of the sharks onstage yesterday. Now that you've gotten a look at him, we're sure you're intrigued and would like to know more, because we sure did. Enjoy.

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1. He is a special ops ninja, experience level: midnight


That shark is not a shark and the man underneath the shark disguise is not a really a man either. In fact, Myrick was born a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. We know this because though his man-costume is pretty intricate, it's not hiding those ninja-turtle abs.

2. He prefers briefs over boxers


He loves his tighty whities almost as much as they love him, but not quite as much as we love him in them.

3. He's been in a banana hammock


Like, an actual banana hammock! Where can we get one of those?

4. His culinary tastes are very refined


Ninja turtles do love their pizza. Just sayin'.

5. He appeared on an episode of House M.D. in 2011

Image: Giphy

Do you think he taught Hugh Laurie some moves?

6. He's into agriculture


You could be a farmer in those clothes.

7. He gets bromantic with Ed Sheeran

I guess when you're on tour with Katy Perry, you probably meet some pretty interesting people.

8. He aspires to be a Disney star


He may be gainfully employed by Perry, but he envisions a future with Disney, according to his Twitter page.

9. Did we mention he has rock-hard abs?

Lord have mercy.