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Asher Monroe tells us what it’s really like working with Chris Brown


Asher Monroe is one of the most open, talkative celebs SheKnows has had the privilege of sharing a lunch with. We peppered him with questions during our time at the table and earned some valuable insight into the hunky actor-singer. Nothing caught us more off guard than his kind heart and forgiving demeanor, though.

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Monroe is fresh out of the studio where he spent two months working alongside the notoriously bad-tempered Chris Brown. While we had plenty of other questions to ask Monroe, we were curious what he had to say about the hip-hop icon. Turns out, he could only praise him.

“I enjoyed it because we didn’t really do the hanging outside the studio so much,” Monroe shared. “We were in the studio a lot, so I got to see the whole full-blown experience every night. It was just full-out. And it was good because he was just knocking out stuff so fast, and it was just interesting to watch his process. I mean, it was two months every night I was in the studio with him. We did a full-length album, and we did everything. So I really got to see everything and it was great. I learned a lot.”

How’d a kid straight off a television set and finally stepping out from a mildly successful boy band find himself working with Brown? It turns out the powers that be decided they’d make an awesome pairing and threw the two together. It worked out well, though, Monroe said. After all, the two guys are roughly the same age, and they could bond over their home state of Virginia. Monroe said he learned a lot from his time with Brown. He was especially impressed with the way Brown and the engineer communicated so intuitively and how Brown is such a hard worker.

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“He would lock in himself into the studio,” Monroe said. “He worked with his engineer and they had such a flow. It’s funny — when I first saw him working with him, they were working so fast back and forth. But, Chris wasn’t saying, like, English. If that makes sense. He was going so fast and saying these, like, stutters. But, the engineer was so in sync with what he was thinking that the guy knew exactly what it was. It was the craziest thing…. You know when you work with somebody so much that you have your own flow, so that was the first weird thing. But, they got it done, and they were knocking it out super fast. So that was interesting.”

Another big perk to working with Brown is the star power he pulls in. Monroe saw an almost never-ending rotation of big names coming through the doors of the studio.

“Every night, we had someone like Rihanna or LL Cool J or someone huge come in the room and there was always some interesting characters coming in and out of the studio,” Monroe revealed, sounding almost starstruck. “And that opened the doors to features and collaborations…. There’s a reason why he only works there.”

With so much time spent with Brown and so many rumors always flying about the current bad boy of hip-hop, we wondered what Monroe thought of the rumors. He offered both a warning and a better understanding into Brown’s life.

“You know, it’s hard when so much is going on around [you], and I can see how hard it is for him. I know he doesn’t want that image portrayed,” Monroe said. “But, I also know if you continue to make stupid decisions, it’s going to have a negative impact on your career. But, like I said, I didn’t really see that. I just saw what we were doing in the studio — the creative side.”

With such a good head on his shoulders and a kind outlook on celebrity life, we think (and hope) Monroe will go far in the music business. And we can’t wait to hear what he has in store for us next.

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