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Super Bowl 49: Was that Chevy commercial sexist toward men? (VIDEO)

Dear Chevy, while we appreciate you throwing a commercial into the Super Bowl mix that didn’t involve sexy girls gorging on cheeseburgers, we didn’t mean to imply you had to flip the sexist script on men.

Granted, your Super Bowl spot, “Truck Guy Focus Group,” starts off mildly enough. You start with a seemingly innocuous question: “Can a truck change how people feel about a guy?”

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Then, naturally, you assure us you polled “real people” (as opposed to fake ones) to determine if a man driving a Chevy truck was perceived differently than a man driving, oh, you know, a more fuel-efficient compact sedan.

Each man you featured got the split-screen treatment — each guy was pictured in the same location, same picture, with the only difference being the vehicle behind him.

Interestingly enough, all of the “real people” you polled ended up being young women. Apparently the children and men you showed in the beginning wound up on the cutting room floor.

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“This is definitely the guy your mom wants you to marry,” one astute observer notes, indicating the dude in front of the responsible sedan, “and this is the guy you’re going to run off to and leave him to be with him.”

You know you want a truck, you tell us, hawking your new Chevy Colorado.

Wait, wait, wait. Let’s just go back for a hot minute. What’s wrong with all the dudes who don’t drive trucks? You just managed to make every man who doesn’t drive a big ol’ four wheel drive pickup feel totally emasculated.

And I don’t dig it.

Guys who drive trucks are sexy, sure… but so are the eco-conscious guys who drive a Prius. So are the safety-minded dads who tenderly buckle their kids into the back of a Subaru station wagon.

Personally, I love a stud in a Fiat.

Plus, c’mon, last year’s standout commercial was Dodge’s “God Made a Farmer.” It might be time to step up your game, Chevy.

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To the men who don’t drive a truck — don’t worry. Your wives aren’t going to leave you just because you don’t drive a truck. In fact, if you driving a smaller car means you’ll save a few bucks and potentially keep our offspring safer, it might even earn you more points.

Keep on truckin’. Er, sedan-ing.

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