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Ann Mara and 8 other women stealing the Super Bowl 49 spotlight

Who says football is just for boys? This year, women practically stole the show in Phoenix at the Super Bowl. These ladies in particular proved that girls have a place on football’s biggest day, too.

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Ann Mara

The Super Bowl started on a solemn note this time, paying tribute to New York Giants co-owner Ann Mara, who had sadly passed away earlier today. Mara was more than just a widow who ended up as a key player in the business of football. She was a football fan, on the field when the Giants won their Super Bowl and always in the mix of it all.

Amy Purdy

Can we say best commercial of the Super Bowl? Amy Purdy’s dance routine, snowboarding swagger and badass tweaking of her own prosthetic legs proved her to be a total inspiration to all of us, but especially all the screaming, cursing female football fans on the couch. Fine, fine. We’ll get up and go to the gym tomorrow.

Mindy Kaling

Is Kaling invisible? That’s debatable. We see the point she’s making with Nationwide. We even believe the interests of many minority women are often overlooked, making them feel truly invisible. It’s hard to believe anyone could ever ignore Kaling, though. Total props to the commercial-makers who nabbed Matt Damon to play opposite Kaling: Her spoof of him and Ben Affleck helped launch her career.

Idina Menzel

Who else screamed “Get it, girl!” at Adele Dazeem during her performance of the National Anthem? She went full Broadway with it and, while she certainly stretched some notes, she was still a good 20-ish seconds shorter (and infinitely better) than when Alicia Keys did the job. And we loveloveloved watching her throw up her fist in triumph when she nailed that last note.
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Katy Perry

Not everyone was as properly excited about Perry’s appearance on the Super Bowl as we were. But let’s face it — girlfriend killed it. So much fire. So many sparkles. Such an exorbitant amount of costume changes. She got all of it. All. of. it.

Missy Elliott

Ahhh! We were slighly bummed that Elliott didn’t unveil a new track… we keep waiting. However, we were still stoked to see M.E. in all her bouncing, thugged-out glory. And we love that despite the baggy clothes, she glammed it up with that long hair and her sparkly knuck-ring. Is a comeback in order? We hope so!

Lindsay Lohan

It’s everyone’s favorite hot mess! We keep waiting to see LiLo come out ahead of all her previous issues, but we’re not sure this did it. Her voice sounded so rough. And the fact that she was in an Esurance commercial, given her previous driving record, had the SheKnows gchat in stitches.

The #LikeAGirl girls

Can we get an amen for the #LikeAGirl commercial? We’re so tired of gender stereotypes. We love that they not only empowered girls in the commercial but put that one big brother on blast for being a jerk to his sister. Yes, we recognize it was just an actor, but it was still a good message to all the brothers watching the Super Bowl.

The cheerleaders

We assume they were there somewhere. But they caught our attention solely from their lack of aroundness. Neither team’s set of cheerleaders got much screen time, which was a nice change from Bowls past, when every other shot was of bouncing boobs. Those ladies work hard, but congrats to NBC for not being super sexist this year.

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