Former Power Ranger in jail after sword fight turns tragic?

Ricardo Medina Jr. is perhaps best known for playing the Red Power Ranger on TV. We were shocked to learn the actor was arrested Saturday in connection with the fatal stabbing of his roommate, Joshua Sutter.

ABC News reports that Medina has been arrested for allegedly killing his housemate with a sword at his suburban home near Los Angeles.

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According to sheriff’s deputies, Medina had an altercation with his roommate. After Sutter retired to his bedroom with his girlfriend, Medina forced his way into the bedroom and allegedly stabbed Sutter in the stomach with a sword that was kept near the bedroom door.

Sutter was rushed to the hospital but died soon after.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies said it was Medina who called 911 close to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday to report the incident.

Gar Lester, Medina’s former agent, told ABC News, “He is a great friend and a great client. It’s something I can’t even conceive. I don’t see that in him. He was a very helpful guy and great with his dog. It’s such a shock.”

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A Los Angeles native, Medina broke into television as Cole Evans/Red Lion in the TV series Power Rangers Wild Force in 2002. He later appeared as a guest star show like CSI: Miami and ER before returning to the more recent Power Rangers franchise, Power Rangers Samurai, in 2011.

We’re not sure what kind of sword was used in the alleged attack, but if it were a samurai sword, the incident would have darkly ironic undertones, befitting a Hollywood tragedy.

Medina is being held on $1 million bail at the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station. He was booked for murder.


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