Nick Carter is totally grossing us out with his PDA red carpet photos

Jan 30, 2015 at 10:36 p.m. ET
Image: Brian To/

Cute or just gross?

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We're definitely leaning toward gross after seeing these pics of Nick Carter and his wife, Lauren Kitt, on the red carpet.

The twosome hit the premiere of the documentary Backstreet Boys: Show 'Em What You're Made Of in Los Angeles earlier this week and, based on their red carpet behavior, they're either super in love or trying way too hard to prove something.

Carter was hamming it up in front of the cameras with some funny faces, but he also seemed to think it was funny to grab his wife's butt… right in front of fans and cameras alike.

If I were in Kitt's position, I would have been swatting my man's hands away left and right. Nobody actually thinks it's cute, lovey-dovey behavior to be squeezing a lady's rear in public. But Kitt, who wore a skin-tight gray dress that clung to her every curve, seemed to be digging it. She seemed really into her hubby's excessive PDA, even proudly joining in.

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The two were grabby on the red carpet, then stopped just before stepping inside the theater to treat their fans to a view of them smooching like teenagers, E! News reports.

Carter and Kitt have been married since April of last year. They had a quiet, intimate ceremony in front of family and friends in Santa Barbara. Almost a year after the wedding, you'd think the honeymoon period would be over. But apparently, you'd be wrong.

Even if Kitt is into excessive PDA, there's just something disrespectful about Carter's behavior. I know if I were in Kitt's place, I wouldn't be at all pleased about my husband putting my assets on display and then calling further attention to them by grabbing handfuls in front of a crowd.

But maybe that's just me. Do you agree? Is Nick Carter's red carpet PDA over the line? Or is it cute that he shows his wife so much affection, even in public? Let us know what you think down in the comments.

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