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Teen Mom‘s Jenelle Evans just got dumped in the most humiliating way

Jenelle Evans should be celebrating right now, but instead she’s licking her wounds after being publicly shamed by her now-ex fiancé.

The Teen Mom star just got engaged to boyfriend Nathan Griffith at the beginning of January, but it seems the bloom is already off the rose. Not only did Griffith end it, but he ended it in the coldest, most public way possible: on Twitter!

In a series of rants posted Thursday night that have since been deleted, Griffith went off on Evans for some unexplained slight that left him super pissed off.

“I’m not sitting here listening to your bullshit anymore,” he wrote. “I’m tire [sic] of constantly being disrespected and dragged down.”

“I’m especially not going to sit here while God only knows what the f*** you’re doing. It’s public and it’s official! Goodbye @PBandJenelley_1!”

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Almost immediately after, Evans posted this:

So what’s all the drama involving @kdub_910h? That happens to be Evans’s pal Kaylin, who lives in the same town as Evans’s ex Courtland Rogers — and we think Griffith might have suspected Evans was sneaking off to hang out with him instead.

Kaylin, for one, wants it known that nothing could be further from the truth and that she has nothing even close to a friendship with Rogers.

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Neither Griffith nor Evans have said much on Twitter about his outburst, but Evans did retweet a post Griffith wrote several days prior, when he had a much higher opinion of her:

So are they broken up or not? Even if Griffith wanted her back, we really hope Evans tells him to GTFO after treating her that way. Buh-bye!

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