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Ryan Gosling pulls a Kanye, interrupts Russell Crowe at award show (VIDEO)

Start your weekend off right with this amazing video of Ryan Gosling interrupting Russell Crowe during the Australian Academy Awards.

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The show, which was held this week, got an unexpected visitor after passing the mic via video feed to Crowe so he could present the nominees for Best Supporting Actress. But he was quickly and unexpectedly videobombed by Gosling mid-sentence before he could read the names and announce the winner.

The two actors are currently filming The Nice Guys together in Los Angeles, which explains why Crowe couldn’t be at the ceremony in person. And, apparently, Gosling should have been invited to attend as well since he’s an “honorary Australian.”

“I lived in New Zealand for two years,” Gosling explained, putting on his best — but still horrible — Australian accent.

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When Crowe pointed out that New Zealand and Australia are two entirely different countries, Gosling suggested they just edit that part out. Crowe was quick to fill him in that it was a live show, so Gosling does what any embarrassed actor would in that moment: He buttons his coat and crosses his arms, still sporting his fake cast from the set of his film.

And, we have to say, Gosling hasn’t been this funny in years. He should definitely add a comedy to his to-do list for 2015. And keep the ’70s mustache for the role.

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Granted, we get it; he and Eva Mendes have a new little baby together, so they’re probably worried more about getting sleep than cracking jokes. Pair that with The Nice Guys filming, and Gosling doesn’t have a lot of time on his plate to spare for humor. But we’re so glad he didn’t miss this opportunity to sneak his way into Crowe’s presentation speech.

Watch the full video below.

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