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9 Game of Thrones predictions straight from the leaked trailer (VIDEO)


There is definitely one thing we know for sure about Game of Thrones Season 5: It’s going to be legendary.

As for the rest, it’s kind of up in the air at this point, and this is coming from someone who’s read the books. While I can definitely guess about some of the big plot points Season 5 has in store, the show is changing around some details that make the story a little more unpredictable than we could have anticipated, which has me, as a fan of the books and the show, really excited, because it means I’ll get to be surprised this season too.

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It will also be interesting to see how far into the fifth book Season 5 delves, because after that there aren’t any more books — meaning George R.R. Martin has got to up his writing-time game. (He’s been known for going a decade without publishing a new book.)

But thanks to the recently leaked trailer, which premiered at the start of special IMAX screenings of the last two episodes of Season 4, we have some insight into what’s to come.

1. Season 5 won’t get through all of book five

The show has been renewed for Season 6, but Martin isn’t even close to releasing the sixth book. (Apparently, he’s only like 25 percent done with it if, you believe the rumors.) Luckily, the show is thinking ahead and spacing out book five for all it’s worth. I mean, a ton happens. And we haven’t even gotten through all of book four yet.

2. Bran is out but Tyrion is definitely in

We’ve heard that Bran won’t be appearing in Season 5 (bummer!), but Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) definitely will be back. I was a little concerned we weren’t going to see a lot of him, based on the books, but it looks like HBO just couldn’t go a year without Dinklage, which is good because the season would have sucked without him.

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3. Varys wants Dany on the throne

“Who said anything about him?” Varys asks Tyrion when he describes what he’s looking for in a ruler.

So excited! Love that Varys’ true colors are being revealed.

4. Sansa gets a backbone

“There’s no justice in this world unless we make it,” Littlefinger tells Sansa. “Avenge them.”

Though we don’t see Sansa becoming a warrior anywhere near the prowess of Brienne, that doesn’t mean she won’t finally find her inner strength.

5. Margaery is still on the throne

This time with a wedding to Tommen, who looks like he’s grown quite a bit between seasons. We just hope she gives him at least a few more years before sealing the deal because otherwise… eew.

6. Tyrion will join up with Dany

“I will never sit on the Iron Throne,” Tyrion tells Varys. And the eunuch seems to agree. Still, he has big plans for Tyrion. And it looks like he will be the one to encourage the scorned Lannister to seek out the Mother of Dragons.

7. Ser Jorah is fighting to get back in Dany’s good graces

By the looks of the trailer, he’s dueling to prove his loyalty. I just really hope it doesn’t end like Oberyn. That was rough.

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8. Cersei is still, well… Cersei

Man, that woman is vicious, and she is not happy that “that little monster is still out there somewhere drawing breath.” I’ve always maintained a soft spot for Cersei (Lena Headey) as a powerful woman who’s just trying to protect herself and her family. But this may be the season where she loses my favor, especially if she keep knocking Tyrion.

9. Arya and needle are getting rustic

Arya, dressed in some pretty ragged-looking peasant clothing, picks up needle reverently in the trailer, not as though she’s poised to fight but as if she’s remembering instead. Things are definitely changing for the little warrior this season.

Watch the full leaked trailer below.

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