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Katy Perry trolls the NFL during Super Bowl press conference (VIDEO)

Katy Perry nailed her press conference on Thursday for her upcoming performance at the Super Bowl.

She totally owned the entire NFL with her one-liners and jabs at recent controversies, as well as the ridiculousness of some of the other recent press conferences players have held.

Wearing an interesting (read: ahh… weird) football and a football stitching-covered dress, she also showed off her prowess for making people laugh (and making them slightly uncomfortable).

She might not be the biggest fan of sports (although she is admittedly working on getting “more into” them), but she certainly has been keeping up with what’s been going on in the NFL. She started out with this little gem, trolling Marshawn Lynch and his monosyllabic and curt answers:


Nice answer. (So maybe she wasn’t trolling Lynch, but the reporter?)

First of all, can we talk about how ridiculous that question is?! Because she’s single she must always have her eyes open for a man, right? It’s not like she’s getting prepared for a huge performance or anything.

Perfectly thrown shade, Katy, and thank you, Marshawn, for such great material.

And, of course, she takes a jab at the recent and still ongoing “Deflategate.”

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The only thing that would have made that better was if she awkwardly worked in the word “balls” and as many inappropriate adjectives as many times as she could the way Tom Brady and Bill Belichick managed to do during their “Deflategate” press conferences.

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And in true Katy Perry fashion, things got crazy when her dog, Butters, made an adorable appearance, and she showed up the likes of Russell Wilson and many a quarterback with her mad spiral skills (and you know she’s probably rocking a fierce manicure, so throwing that fully inflated ball was even more impressive).

Basically, Perry just gave one of the best press conferences ever, owning it, in only the way Perry could.

Can’t wait to see what is sure to be an unforgettable performance at halftime of the Super Bowl.

Watch the whole press conference here:
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