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Mariah Carey apparently fired her nanny for loving her kids too much

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are being sued for… what?

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The separated singer and actor are reportedly the target of a lawsuit in which one of their former nannies alleges she was fired because she loved the couple’s twins, Moroccan and Monroe, too much.

According to the lawsuit, the former nanny claims she was underpaid and then fired for showing “too much affection” for the twins, who were infants and/or toddlers during the time the nanny worked for the famous couple.

E! News reports, based on legal documents, that the lawsuit was filed by Simonette DeCosta, who worked for Cannon and Carey from October 2013 to Jan. 26, 2014. According to the legal documents, DeCosta looked after Moroccan and Monroe during the day and on trips around the world, feeding, bathing and comforting the kids, and she even lived with Cannon and Carey for part of her tenure as the kids’ nanny.

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DeCosta claims in the lawsuit that she worked for the separated twosome “well over 100 hours per week” and that Carey and Cannon did not provide her with “premium overtime compensation for the hours worked in excess of forty hours,” despite the fact that she alleges they required her to be “on call every hour of the day.”

DeCosta said her employment was eventually terminated for a shocking reason: She was supposedly “exhibiting too much affection towards their twins.” In other words, she was doing her job.

E! News reports that, in her lawsuit, DeCosta is seeking “unpaid overtime wages, premium wages, liquidated damages, reasonable attorneys’ fees, costs, pre-judgment interest and all other appropriate legal relief under the law.” It’s just one more legal battle for the couple, who are already in the midst of a divorce.

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What do you think of DeCosta’s lawsuit? Are there any circumstances that would warrant firing a nanny for “showing too much affection”? Sound off down in the comments!

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