Jessica Alba, Rebecca Minkoff: How they got their start in the business world (VIDEO)

Jan 30, 2015 at 9:33 a.m. ET
Image: The Valley Girl Show

Girls can really kick ass.

And that's what SheKnows Expert Jesse Draper wants to show us. Haven't heard of Draper? Maybe you've heard of her better-known alter ego, The Valley Girl. She's a pretty prominent blogger — so prominent, in fact, that she interviews strong and entrepreneurial ladies, including actress and Honest Company co-founder Jessica Alba and fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff.

During the sit-down interview, Alba dished on everything from why she started her company to some exciting new ventures she has coming up.


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"The Honest Company is a family brand. We basically wanted to redefine the idea of a family brand," she explains. "As a mother, I felt like all these huge corporations were making these very important decisions about what goes in my home and is in and around my child. At the time, it was my unborn child. I knew, just based off of what I had read and information I had gathered, everything that I was exposed to, even pregnant, was affecting the health of my baby.

"When my baby was born, I wanted to try and give her the best chance at life and if I could have a choice, try to eliminate her toxic chemical exposure."

Alba explains that she's learned a lot about what qualifies as "eco-friendly" on the market.

"The companies that I thought were eco [were] very expensive," she dished, adding that a lot of them had misleading "pictures of nature" on their packaging. "When we tested a lot of those products, or when you look at the ingredients, it is just as toxic as what's in everything else. It's just the packaging is eco."

"This company couldn't be more exciting, to be quite honest with you," Alba says. "Actually, we're releasing our app. It's Honest Baby, and it's basically a tracker. It's a feeding tracker, sleeping schedule tracker, doctor's appointments. It reminds you of those things."

You go, Mama Alba!

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Another lady who's killing it? Rebecca Minkoff, whom Draper has also had the opportunity to talk with about how she got her big break in the fashion industry.

"I was at dinner with a friend who is an actress… She goes, 'Can you do a purse for me for this role I'm going to be in this movie,' and I lied through my teeth and said, 'Yes, I can. I'll figure that out.'"

"So I hit the ground running."

Minkoff met with a handful of purse makers who helped her design the bag. The samples cost $1,600 to make, she said, and then, disaster struck: FedEx missed the delivery time by two hours, so the purse couldn't be used in the movie.

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"At the time, I was devastated. I thought it was my big break," Minkoff said. Then she decided to wear the bag herself.

"That's when I started getting stopped on the street," she said. "People were commenting on the bag."

The rest is history for the designer, who says she designed her first line (for herself) at age 8.

They talk about everything from pivotal points in Minkoff's career to her favorite pieces from her line — the ones she wears herself — but one of the highlights of the interview is Minkoff's advice for younger, would-be entrepreneurs.

"The biggest piece of advice that I feel like I tell anyone who asks me is you have to be persistent, and you're going to fail over and over again," she says. "It's that fact that you keep getting up and trying again and figuring it out and learning from your mistakes, because my brother is my business partner and we've had so many moments where we're like, 'I don't know that we can do this anymore,' … and you just have to keep going and figure it out and come back with a different view of how you're going to succeed."

Aside from killer advice, Minkoff shares a really cool story with Draper (and now you) about her first clothing line that she designed when she was 8 years old!


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The Valley Girl Show is in its fifth season and features many more inspiring ladies. Check it out at Jesse Draper's website, and then join us in welcoming Draper to the SheKnows team!