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The Walking Dead: Theories on the catastrophe from Beth’s death

Beth may be dead, but she’s still going to affect the rest of the survivors on The Walking Dead. Here’s how.

Recently, TVLine dropped another spoiler about the TWD midseason premiere, saying that Rick will attempt to honor Beth’s passing but that his efforts will go “catastrophically badly.”

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Looking at that piece of information, I immediately think that the word “honor” can mean a lot of things in the zombie-infested world that Rick and the other survivors are living in now. What exactly will Rick decide to do to give the beloved Beth the farewell she deserves and how could that affect them? There are a few possibilities.

Zombie fodder

This is by far the most horrible of all the options, but I have to face facts and realize that it could happen. TWD doesn’t hold back from doing things to characters just because those things are heinous and cruel. I mean, look at Beth’s death in the first place. So, what if Rick decides that they need to bury Beth someplace nice and somehow her body is left unattended just long enough for some zombies to start chowing down? I would call that a catastrophe.

Location, location, location

If the catastrophe is supposed to involve the entire group, then it could mean that the location of Beth’s funeral will cause an issue. Rick might decide to take Beth to a beautiful location, but when they get there, the group will be attacked by a roaming herd of zombies. I picture it going down sort of like the way the disaster at the farm and the prison did, with people being scattered in multiple directions.

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Human troubles

We all know by now that walkers aren’t the worst enemy to have in the zombie apocalypse and the catastrophe could, in fact, come at the hands of some humans. Rick and his group will be upset by Beth’s death and, in their attempts to give her a proper memorial, they could be distracted enough for another group to come in and wreak havoc. Maybe this new crew will steal their weapons and food, leaving our group vulnerable to walkers.

Too much attention

When thinking of the various ways that Rick could decide to honor Beth, I came up with the idea of fire. Beth was killed in the middle of the city so they may decide to stay where they are and burn a funeral pyre as a way to say goodbye. If they do that, they could end up stirring up all the zombies in the area and make themselves a tasty target. Even if they do decide to take the memorial out into the woods, a large fire could still attract attention from any walker herds wandering around the area.

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How do you think Beth’s death will cause a catastrophically bad situation on The Walking Dead?

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