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Jagged Edge singer chokes his fiancée with her engagement ring

Jagged Edge singer, Kyle Norman, has reportedly been arrested after choking his fiancée on Thursday with her own engagement ring.

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Norman faces charges of aggravated assault after, according to police reports obtained by Us Weekly, he punched and choked his girlfriend, who is unnamed, with a scarf and then shoved her engagement ring down her throat, blocking her ability to breathe.

Police are also saying that Norman took the keys to her car and broke her cell phone when she tried to get away from him.

The couple reportedly got into an argument over Norman’s drinking habits. The fight was apparently fueled by Norman’s high emotions after recently discovering his father had been diagnosed with cancer.

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The victim had welts under her eyes, a golf ball-sized knot on her upper left forehead, a cut on her nose and a burst blood clot in her right eye, according to police accounts.

She was able to get Norman to calm down enough that she could escape to a neighbor’s house and call the police, though the singer was angry enough that during the fight he also reportedly threatened his fiancée’s life along with causing her bodily harm.

Norman is part of the R&B group, Jagged Edge. He is most known for the 2001 hit collaboration with Nelly on the song, “Where the Party At.”

Norman has yet to publicly comment on the incident.

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We’re going to go ahead and suggest she pawn that ring for all it’s worth, quickly, and never have anything to do with Norman again, let alone accept another piece of jewelry from him.

The victim is currently being treated at the Atlanta Medical Center. Norman, on the other hand, was rightfully taken to jail.

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