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Parks and Rec: What to expect from a hypothetical April-Andy spin-off


NBC recently roped Chris Pratt and Aubrey Plaza into sitting down and talking about their beloved Parks and Recreation characters, Andy and April. Somewhere along the way it went from teary remembrances to goofy ideas for a spin-off.

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Like most things involving April and Andy, it’s a little half-baked, which makes it entirely awesome. We listened to what Pratt and Plaza had to say and took a look back at their time together to figure out what exactly that spin-off might look like. Here’s what we came up with.

1. We’ll see a lot of pillow talk

April Image:

Andy and April could be motivated, but they also enjoy the finer things in life… like napping. Wouldn’t it be awesome if the hypothetical spin-off started each episode with the couple curled up in bed, having ridiculous post-nap conversations?

2. …And a lot of fuming

April Image:

While our favorite couple mostly has their shit together, they hate themselves for it. We can only imagine that as they continue to grow up and grow into their responsibilities, a lot of amazing complaints will happen.

3. We’ll be overwhelmed by cute grossness

Parks and Rec Image:

Ugh. Why? Too far.

4. A little gross cuteness is bound to happen, too, though

Parks and Rec Image:

And that we don’t mind at all.

5. There will be a lot of instigation

April Image:

April loves to stir things up.

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6. Someone (April) will probably go to jail

April Image:

But, Andy will always forgive her. Always.

7. They’ll both struggle with knowing what to be when they grow up

Parks and Rec Image:

We liked this option.

8. …If they ever grow up

Parks and Rec Image:

Have y’all tried this yet? We need to.

9. Ten seasons later, Andy’s alter ego will still do parties

Andy Image:

Best. Thing. Ever.

10. After all, they’re having a dozen babies

Andy Image:

And a set of adult twins from Romania.

11. Andy will no doubt keep us inspired

Andy Image:

He’s so dumb. But, so wise!

12. …And flummoxed

Andy Image:

Is it weird that we sort of want to test that theory?

Want to see the video of Pratt and Plaza reminiscing about their characters’ hookups, as well as sharing their hopes for this hypothetical spin-off? Check out the video.

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