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Here’s how Scandal‘s Olivia Pope spent her winter hiatus (VIDEO)

Want to know how Olivia Pope has been spending her time during the Scandal winter break? Just take a look at this awesome new video.

Olivia Pope has been a busy lady during the winter holidays. First, she took on the Sony problem, before moving on to much more important stuff. What kind of important stuff, you ask? Why, eating popcorn, drinking wine and pinning jam recipes to her Pinterest board.

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She also spent some time binge-watching How to Get Away With Murder and thinking, as everyone has, how in the world they get away with showing some of the stuff they do on that show. It would have been cool to see Olivia binge-watching Scandal and remarking on the equally wild crap that goes down there, but it probably would have been just a little too meta.

Then there was that time she helped the president with his State of the Union speech. Of course she’s allowed to call the president “Barry.” She’s Olivia freaking Pope and she can call the president anything she darn well pleases when she offers up the kind of advice that keeps powerful people in Washington.

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Poor Olivia didn’t spend the whole holiday handling sticky situations like a champ and happily pinning jam recipes. Like many people do during the holidays, she had some moments of heartbreak as she looked back on the past year and pondered the good times that can no longer be. Olivia did this by eating popcorn, drinking wine and crying while pinning beach pictures. Who can blame her for shedding some tears over those memories? Don’t we all want to spend time on a beach with Jake? Don’t even pretend like you don’t.

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Scandal returns from winter hiatus on Thursday, Jan. 29 at 9/8c on ABC. Before you watch the episode, be sure to check out the video to see how Olivia spent her winter break.

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