Feed hungry kids by falling asleep to Jeff Bridges’ voice (VIDEO)

We never thought we’d see Jeff Bridges playing the flute, but here we are.

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But that’s not all the Big Lebowski star has done this week — it turns out his flute-playing is part of an entire album of ambient sounds and music he recorded just for a Super Bowl ad for web design company, Squarespace.

The album, apparently designed to relax people and put them to sleep, dropped Wednesday online. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want download at DreamingWithJeff.com (built using Squarespace, naturally). It will also be available on limited edition vinyl LPs and cassette tapes that will be auctioned off later. The best part? All proceeds from online downloads and the forthcoming auctions will go to No Kid Hungry, a nonprofit dedicated to ending child hunger in the U.S. Bridges has been a spokesman for No Kid Hungry since 2010.

We wanted to create a campaign to illustrate that any idea, no matter how wild or weird, can be presented beautifully and meaningfully through Squarespace,” said Anthony Casalena, Squarespace’s founder and CEO. “Instead of being built around an ad, our campaign is built around a real project on our platform.”

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The website hawking the CD is mostly publicity for Squarespace — it’s designed to demonstrate how easy it is to use the service to create a website with a storefront built in. But since all the money is going to a good cause, we’re on board — even if the music is, admittedly, pretty weird.

“His voice is like oak and leather and cigar smoke and the wilderness,” said David Kolbusz of Wieden+Kennedy, the ad company responsible for the campaign, of Bridges. “I personally have fallen asleep to the recording on more than one occasion.”

The 30-second teaser for Bridges’ CD and Squarespace will air during the Super Bowl, but you can check it out here first:

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Will you download Jeff Bridges’ CD? Or is it too weird to sleep to? Tell us your take in the comments!


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