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Lindsay Lohan thinks fan meet-and-greets count as community service

The list of Lindsay Lohan’s community service activities is completely shocking and actually kind of offensive to the greater good.

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Some of the highlights from Lohan’s list of completed “community service” items? Well, let’s see. According to USA Today, she had a fan meet-and-greet at the Speed-the-Plow play, which she was a part of in London. And she received credit for the hours young people shadowed her life.

If Lohan is really trying to pass these things off as time she spent in service to her community then she has to just be completely selfish.

Santa Monica chief deputy city attorney, Terry White, was the first to call into question Lohan’s community service activities, “She got to shake hands with people, and that’s community service?”

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More likely, Lohan didn’t actually complete her community service and scrambled to put together the measly list of passable items.

Though Lohan didn’t appear in court to present the documents herself, her lawyer was present. According to the statements, Lohan completed 80 hours of community service in just nine days, even though she was also being treated for the Chikungunya virus over the holidays. She counted 18 of those hours as fan meet-and-greets, according to TMZ.

The community service Lohan is working on is related to the terms of her sentence dating back to her 2012 reckless driving criminal case, also according to USA Today.

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The judge granted White until Feb. 18 to verify Lohan’s community service hours. If White is able to prove that Lohan failed to complete the hours as stated, she could face time in jail. As for the validity of meet-and-greets as adequate community service hours, the judge has yet to make a decision.

We have to agree with White on this one, “If this was Lindsay Smith, nobody would allow this.”

Update: A judge ordered Lohan to do over more than half her community service — 125 of the original 240 hours she was ordered to do.

Do you think fan meet-and-greets should be counted as community service?

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