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Taylor Swift pens beautiful open letter to fan about bullying

Taylor Swift loves her fans and she proved this when she responded to a heartfelt post by a young fan named Caillou Pettis.

The “Shake It Off” hit maker received a Tumblr post from Pettis that informed her that he loves how much she cares about her fans and takes the time to respond to them. He also told her that he is being bullied at school because of his unusual name and because he is skinny, although he insists that he tries to ignore the bullies and #ShakeItOff.

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“I get bullied everyday, and I try to #ShakeItOff. One of the biggest reasons why I get bullied is my name. I couldn’t even tell you the amount of times I’ve been bullied because of it. I’ve been punched for it, etc. I also get bullied because I’m really skinny, but I’m proud of being skinny. I like my appearance. If people don’t like the way I look, they shouldn’t bully me,” he wrote.

And what happened next is awesome: Swift did actually take the time to respond to Caillou Pettis’ message with an incredible, motivational letter, in which she tells him that it’s OK to be different. In fact, it’s more than OK.

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“Caillou — Hi pal,” Swift begun her lengthy response on Tumblr. “I was really shocked to hear you say that you’d been bullied because of your name because the first thing I thought when I saw it was ‘woah, Caillou is such a cool name.’ Honestly. I thought it was so cool because it’s different, and herein lies our issue: you will always be criticized and teased and bullied for things that make you different, but usually those things will be what set you apart. The things that set you apart from the pack, the things that you once thought were your weaknesses will someday become your strengths. So if they say you’re weird or annoying or strange or too this or not enough that, maybe it’s because you threaten them. Maybe you threaten them because you’re not the norm. And if you’re not the norm, give yourself a standing ovation.”

Swift then went on to explain that no one else can label your body expect you, and urged her fan not to let the bullies’ nasty words affect him.

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“Now I want to tell you that I think you look great the way you are. No one has the right to criticize you for how your body looks, but they will. One thing I’ve learned from experiencing this exact kind of criticism is that no one else can label your body except for you. No one gets to have a place in your mind if they weren’t invited there by you. So please do me this one favor: Don’t let their ugly words into your beautiful mind,” Swift continued. “And if someone punches you again, call the police and report them because that is assault. I’m serious. There’s no direct penalty for bullying with words (except karma) but no one is allowed to hit you. Ever.”

“Thanks for telling me your story and for being so strong. Proud of you, Caillou Pettis,” she ended her letter.

What better words to receive from your idol?

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