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Why the Kendall Jenner, Scott Disick affair is completely outrageous


Being in the public eye means that there is always going to be a story or a rumor about you, but this latest claim about Kendall Jenner and her sister Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy Scott Disick just boggles our minds.

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There have been multiple reports over recent months suggesting that all is not well between Kardashian and Disick, with reports claiming that his partying ways have begun to tear apart their family. But according to Star magazine, via Hollywood Life, there was something far more scandalous going on behind the scenes that has destroyed their relationship.

What, you ask? Well, apparently Jenner and Disick have been having an affair. The claim is pretty outrageous but apparently Jenner and Disick had sex at a party, and when Kardashian found out the news she was left devastated. She is now reportedly not speaking to either of them.

After their partying episodes, he saw Kendall as an adult,” the insider tells the magazine. “A super-hot and fun one at that.”

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“This is what their relationship has turned into. What should be a brotherly/sisterly love has become sexualized. Scott clearly finds her attractive, and she likes the attention. It’s just wrong,” the source adds.

We agree, it’s totally wrong, but we are battling to believe that these explosive claims could actually be real. Jenner is 19 and Disick is 31, that’s a very big age gap and Disick has basically watched Jenner grow up, because she was just a kid when he started dating her sister.

There has also been no concrete evidence other than these claims to suggest that anything scandalous could be going on between the pair, and Jenner really doesn’t seem like the type of girl who would sleep with her sister’s man.

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Jenner is firmly focused on her career right now. She is taking the modeling world by storm and she seems to have little time for relationships, let alone one with a family member. As for Disick, he has his own demons that he has been dealing with, but he shares three beautiful children with Kardashian and it is hard to fathom that he would throw all of that away for something so stupid.

In fact, most of the rumors in the past have been about Khloé Kardashian and Disick and their strangely close relationship. Khloé decided to address this via Twitter on Wednesday, when she poked fun at the claims that Disick and Jenner were having an affair.

Disick also got in on the joke, telling Khloé that she will always be his “number 1.”

As for Kourtney’s alleged reaction to these claims?

The source says, “At first, Kourtney was in complete shock and disbelief. But after she processed the information, she was devastated… She started screaming at [Scott], calling him ‘sick.’ But he kept denying it. He stormed out and the next she heard of him, he was doing what he always does — drinking his problems away. This time it wasn’t in Las Vegas, it was in Aspen.”

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