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14 Super Bowl commercials we either really love or really loathe (VIDEOS)

One of the best parts of all the Super Bowl game day action used to be staying tuned during commercial breaks to catch all the wacky advertisements that air, but thanks to our internet-driven culture, quite a few Super Bowl ads have already been released for our viewing pleasure.

The 2015 crop of commercials is pretty diverse. We’ve got puppies, kittens, naked TV stars, naked models, OG video games and Kim Kardashian. There’s comedy, mystery, drama and sadness.

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One thing all of these early-release Super Bowl ads have in common? They all evoke a pretty strong response, be it positive or negative. Here’s a look at 13 ads we’ve already watched and how they either gave us the warm fuzzies or made us want to pull out our own hair.

1. Budweiser: Lost dog — #BestBuds
Image: Budweiser/YouTube

Love — suddenly my eyes are watering like a faucet, my puppy fever has intensified and I’m craving a Budweiser. I don’t even drink beer.

2. Bud Light: Real-life PacMan — #UpForWhatever
Image: Bud Light/YouTube

Love — is this a beer commercial or a video game ad? Because I’ve never wanted to play PacMan as badly as I do right now. Totally digging the old-school style and positive energy of this spot.

3. Nationwide Insurance: #InvisibleMindy
Image: Nationwide/YouTube

Love — the only thing we don’t love about this commercial is the mere thought that Kaling would go unnoticed. Who the heck treats Mindy Kaling like she’s invisible? The girl is amazing.

4. T-Mobile: #KimsDataStash
Image: T-Mobile/YouTube

Love — OK, so this commercial is hilariously clever and it’s refreshing to know that even though Kim Kardashian takes a billion selfies, she can still make fun of herself for it.

5. Victoria’s Secret: Official Super Bowl commercial
Image: Victoria’s Secret/YouTube

Loathe — we got pretty excited when Victoria’s Secret released an empowering Super Bowl teaser featuring their Angels fully clothed, playing sports. The excitement was deflated quicker than the Patriots’ footballs once we saw this sexist ad.

6. Esurance: Lindsay Lohan #sorta teaser

Love — it’s great to see Lohan back in action, though we’re still trying to decipher what is going on in this clip. It is just a teaser, so at least we can look forward to more clues during the game. It is LiLo, however, so the full commercial might leave us even more confused than we are now!

7. Friskies: Dear kitten: Regarding the big game

Image: Friskies/YouTube

Love — this commercial is simultaneously adorable and frightening because of how accurate it is.

8. GoDaddy’s awful, now-pulled Super Bowl puppy commercial
Image: YouTube

Loathe — on the other end of the cute animal spectrum, we have this heinous GoDaddy ad. The company is notorious for its super-sexist advertising, so while we’re appalled at their animal cruelty reference, we’re not super shocked.

9. Carl’s Jr: Charlotte McKinney all-natural “too hot for TV” commercial
Image: Carl’s Jr/YouTube

Loathe — still don’t know if I believe that burger is all-natural.

10. #ItsThatEasy
Image: YouTube

Love — hey, GoDaddy! It’s a Super Bowl commercial for a website-hosting company that isn’t sexist or cruel! Bonus points to Wix for featuring Lloyd and getting us excited for the Entourage movie.

11. Dove: #RealStrength
Image: YouTube

Love — dang it! Why am I crying again?

12. No More’s domestic violence PSA

Image: No More/YouTube

Love — this Super Bowl commercial with a very serious tone has some people wondering whether the information presented is helpful or harmful, but we think it’s a great thing to bring domestic violence awareness to such a large audience.

13. Snickers: The Brady Bunch
Image: Snickers/YouTube

Love — hanger is real, people! Subbing out Marcia for Danny Trejo is nothing short of genius and Steve Buscemi at the end of the ad is a nice little treat that’s almost as sweet as a Snickers bar.

14. Toyota: How Great I Am
Image: Toyota/YouTube

Love — Toyota made a great decision putting Amy Purdy in its ad. Such an inspiration. Muhammad Ali’s iconic narration fits perfectly.

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