No one but Kris Jenner could rock these sheer (yes, sheer!) pants (PHOTO)

Jan 28, 2015 at 9:17 a.m. ET

Kris Jenner should have thought about using another accessory to cover up her junk.

When you step out wearing Chanel's latest designs and you run into the great Karl Lagerfeld himself, when he wants to look at your clutch, you let him look at your clutch.

Minor detail: You're using said clutch to preserve your modesty (which is laughable to even think about let alone type about any of the Kardashian/Jenner troop).


Well, if you're Kris Jenner, this is your reality.

The reality TV momager of the Kardashian clan was attending Chanel's fashion show in Paris on Tuesday. Jenner was wearing mesh pants (read: basically no pants at all) and was using a lovely leather Chanel clutch, so the entire world wasn't staring at her goods.

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Now, she kind of rocked the whole see-through pants look (although we wish she had taken another tip from the runway trend and wore a skirt over them), but in every photo, you just can't stop staring at the unmoving clutch in front of her crotch!

Kris Jenner See through pants 2

Kris Jenner see through pants 3

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Kris Jenner in see through pants


Then, insert Lagerfeld into the picture. He swipes the clutch for a closer look… to Jenner's dismay (we think).

You can catch a glimpse of the infamous clutch in the bottom of this tweet:


One thing no one can deny: The 59-year-old mother of six has some smokin' legs.


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