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Martha Stewart gets TMI about her toilet time with Meredith Vieira (VIDEO)


Is there anything Martha Stewart can’t teach us?

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The reigning queen of recipes, decorating and all things lifestyle just did a hilarious interview with Meredith Vieira and gave us even more priceless insight into how we should be living our lives — in the bathroom.

Vieira, of course, is curious about potty etiquette (because who wouldn’t be in that situation?), and while we may still not know whether Stewart sits or squats, we definitely know more about her bathroom habits now than we did before.

“Do you wipe off the commode before you use it?” is the first question Vieira asks.

“If I have to, I just use what I have in my bag,” Stewart replies as she reveals that she’s always ready for such a situation. “Of course, I come prepared. Martha Stewart Cleaner: It’s the best bathroom cleaner… here are a couple of rags, which I always carry in my bag.”

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And even on the potty, Stewart is always prepared — she’s armed with answers and products as Vieira asks about pet care, recipes and good reading material for a long stay in the lav.

She slides a doggy bed stuffed with toys and other pet products, an entire crepe cake and one of her books under the stall door at Vieira’s requests, and when the talk show host asks Stewart if she has “a square to spare,” the domestic queen is armed and ready for that, too.

“I always carry a lot of these in my purse,” Stewart says as she hands over a toilet paper square artfully folded into an origami swan.

It just proves there is nothing Martha doesn’t think of.

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What do you think of Martha Stewart’s toilet talk interview? Is it TMI or just hilarious? Check out the full video below and then sound off in the comments.

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