Why Chris Pratt’s multiple franchise deals may be a bad idea

Chris Pratt’s calendar is filling up real quick.

Pratt jumped headfirst into blockbuster, intergalactic, Marvel comic, big screen action by starring in Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014, and he stars in the highly anticipated Jurassic World, which hits theaters this summer. Now, rumor has it that Disney is eyeing Pratt to take over as Indiana Jones.

On the surface, Pratt’s career has really seemed to hit its stride. He’s in demand, he’s booking huge roles, he’s reached man-candy status and all of the aforementioned films he’s been a part of are obvious choices for multiple sequels. Studios seem to be eagerly locking Pratt into franchise contracts, which, in theory, is an industry dream. The term “out-of-work actor” is no longer in the star’s vocabulary, unless it’s to make one of those witty quips super-famous thespians like to make in interviews while they are in between projects.

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The stress of worrying about his next job is a thing of the past, but is committing himself to so many franchises the best thing for Pratt’s professional and personal life?

Yes, Pratt has arrived and he has achieved Hollywood success. However, now that he’s (reportedly) involved with so many long-term projects, there’s a huge chance that they will come back to haunt him. Not that he won’t be basking in the glory of amazing action films, but when a filmmaker knocks on his door to offer him the lead role in his equivalent to Dallas Buyers Club and he has to turn it down because he’s shooting Jurassic World 3, he might be kicking himself a little bit.

As super-agent Ari Gold once advised Vinnie Chase, you do one big studio film to please them, then you get to do a passion project for yourself to stay artistically fulfilled. Pratt isn’t really leaving himself room to pursue the work that most likely feeds him as an actor.

Pratt also recently admitted that his priorities have changed since the birth of his son, noting the baby is now at the top of his list. Putting in long hours at the office won’t leave a lot of space for quality time with his young family.

On the other hand, banging out multiple franchise movies might be a strategic move on Pratt’s part. By cramming in so many huge movies at once, he can achieve financial security and establish himself as a fan favorite over the next decade, then cultivate a body of work that satisfies his soul with no worries later.

Either way, we’re not complaining. Pratt’s delightful in Guardians of the Galaxy and pretty much anything else he does. If he’s in it, we’re watching.


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