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Was The Bachelor‘s Ashley S. faking her craziness?

The Bachelor community mourns a great loss this morning, as Chris Soules sent Ashley S. — aka #OnionGirl — packing last night. But is she really as cuckoo-bird as she seemed on the show? You tell us.

From the get-go, we knew there was something crazy, er, special about Ashley S., whose full name for the record is Ashley Salter.

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Who can forget the first impression made by the hairstylist? (We know, it boggles the mind to think she’s licensed to wield scissors near people’s faces.)

In case your memory is a little foggy, here’s a refresher from our premiere recap: 

“While all of the other girls vie for Soules’ attention, [Ashley S.] wanders into the courtyard and starts talking about how people are like onions and you cut them and peel them back. Then, convinced she sees an onion in a bush, she proceeds to pick a pomegranate.”

The Bachelor

Or how about during Week 2, when she became a zombie-slaying-paintball-serial-killer?

And let’s not forget last night, the fateful eve Soules sent her packing. So many memorable moments.

The Bachelor

The Bachelor

The Bachelor

Still, to be fair, we have struggled a teensy weensy bit with the nagging thought that something more serious may actually be at play here.

Is Ashley S. legitimately crazy? To try to uncover the truth, we did what we can only imagine Onion Girl would totally understand — we stalked her.

On social media, that is. And what we found has us more confused than the time she told Soules that he didn’t want to lose the whole world but he didn’t want to gain it either and, oh yeah, did he want to play hide-and-seek?

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Two days ago, she posted this pic of a box of chocolates to Instagram:

Her caption read, “This box will make anybody cray cray #thebachelor #chocolate #oniongirl,” and suggests that she’s in on the joke about her craziness as opposed to oblivious to it. Smiling in pictures with friends, she looks beautiful and — dare we say? — normal.

And then there’s her Twitter, which is far closer to the bag of crazy we’ve come to know and love. Although her most recent tweets seem semi-sane (perhaps thanks to pharmaceutical assistance?), a quick scroll back unearths some truly interesting gems. From quoting esoteric John Mayer lyrics…

To deep reflection by way of Henry David Thoreau…

To, um, this…

And, well, this.

Truth be told, though, nothing on Ashley Salter’s social media accounts suggests she is quite as crazy as she behaved on The Bachelor. In fact, the social awkwardness that was her trademark on the show is nowhere to be found on her Instagram account.

Soules has defended her behavior both on-air and on his Bachelor blog for People, and host Chris Harrison insists Salter’s cuckoo-bird behavior is no act.

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“All I can say about Ashley is ‘bless her heart,'” Harrison said on his Yahoo blog. “Like the ladies, I have no idea what’s going on here. I will say this isn’t an act — unless she’s the greatest actress of all time. I will also agree with the ladies that there’s really no way she should be walking around with a weapon, even if it’s only a paintball gun.”

Hear, hear!

So, what gives? Is Ashley S.’s crazy legit, or is it the greatest con ever pulled on The Bachelor? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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