Louise Roe: My complete Miss Universe 2015 experience in photos

Jan 26, 2015 at 3:09 p.m. ET
Image: WENN

I was honored to be asked to judge Miss Universe this year in Miami, and wanted to share my experience with you through this behind-the-scenes photo diary.

1. First, I met the gang

Louise Roe- Miss Universe Pageant 2015

And what an eclectic group we were. We met the night before for rehearsals and were given a talk by Mr. Donald Trump himself, who actually owns the competition. He told us that of course he wanted Miss Universe to be beautiful, but he also wanted her to be charismatic, confident and a powerful presence. Why Mr. Trump, you're all for girl power, aren't ya?

2. I was upstaged by Jiggy

Louise Roe- Miss Universe Pageant 2015

Lisa Vanderpump's little dog Jiggy was the star of the show. World-champion boxer Manny Pacquiao took a liking to him, which made for a hilarious pair.

3. Velvet dress? Yes, please

Before I watched the world's most beautiful girls strut their stuff, I needed to get ready too. I wore a velvet Cushnie et Ochs dress, some Christian Louboutin heels and clutch and was given a brown smoky eye to match. I loved my look and felt ready to rock.

4. A girl's gotta eat

Louise Roe- Miss Universe Pageant 2015

The judges were given dinner before the start of the show and Kristin Cavallari, Lisa Vanderpump and I hammed it up with the biggest bread rolls you've ever seen. I know what you're thinking, and yes, we did eat them. They had melted cheese inside and were delish! Maybe I should have snuck a couple into my clutch.

5. Nick Jonas made all the girls jealous

Louise Roe- Miss Universe Pageant 2015

I sat next to baseball player Giancarlo Stanton during the show, who was a total gentleman. Nick Jonas performed — I am a huge fan of his jams. He ran up to his girlfriend in the audience and serenaded her. In case you didn't know, she was actually a former Miss Universe. Way to go, JoBro!

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6. And the winner is...

Louise Roe- Miss Universe Pageant 2015

Miss Columbia! The crowd went nuts. As the arena emptied, I ran in my heels to make it to the press line to interview the new Miss Universe and Donald Trump for Access Hollywood. Knowing that the Miss Columbia is on a super-healthy diet and fitness regime, I asked her what she wanted to eat first, to which she answered, "Pasta!" Me too, girl — me too. That cheese roll would have tasted pretty good right about now, as well.

7. There ain't no party like a Miss Universe party

Louise Roe- Miss Universe Pageant 2015

Donald Trump wouldn't let anything end without a bang, so off to the celebratory party I went. After cheese rolls and sprinting to the carpet, I definitely needed to touch-up. In a unplanned Miss Congeniality moment, I came out of the loo and found myself re-pampering with about 10 Miss Universe contestants. Before we wrapped up the night, I said "First, let us take a selfie."

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Louise Roe will be the new host of the anticipated TLC makeover show Style by Jury, premiering Feb. 20. Also, on April 7, her first book will be released: Front Roe: How to be the Leading Lady in Your Own Life. It's available now for pre-order on Amazon.

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