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Lindsay Lohan photoshopped one of her Instagram pics — can we please stop?

Lindsay Lohan might be facing jail time for not completing her court-ordered community service hours in time, and she’s also suffering from a rare, incurable virus, but that hasn’t stopped her from heading to Instagram to share some pictures of her photoshopped figure.

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The Canyons actress took to Instagram over the weekend to share a picture of herself in her Calvin Klein thong and a tight white turtleneck sweater.

Captioning the image, “#mycalvins are helping me fight off my chikungunya hehe” (yeah, that mosquito virus that she got while on holiday in Bora Bora is called chikungunya), Lohan flaunted her super-skinny figure — but is it all natural? We think not.

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Unless shampoo bottles usually melt in Lohan’s bathroom, it looks as though there is sufficient evidence to suggest that the actress has altered her waistline — and her followers are not impressed.
Some of the comments include, “why would you be soooo stupid as to post a very badly photoshop’d pic?! even with the photoshop you look terrrrrrible god damn”

Another user wrote, “Am I the only one here who isn’t worried about the photoshop, rather the state of that floppy ass! Do some squats!”

Fans can be harsh, but some of them do have a point. One user commented about the effects that Lohan photoshopping her picture could have on impressionable teens.

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“Actually, When celebrities like them alter their pics with photoshop just proves that they don’t feel right looking fat or little fat. That shows the wrong picture for many teenagers and young kids. Why not love yourselves how you are and stop doing photoshop. Just saying …” the user wrote.

It does make you think: Should the Mean Girls star really be posting such revealing pictures if she has to reportedly photoshop them first? And do pictures like this just further fuel the unrealistic standards of beauty that Hollywood promotes?

Let us know your thoughts on this picture in the comments below.

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