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Giuliana Rancic skips SAG: Why her haters may be to blame

Since Giuliana Rancic got her first big break hosting the Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2003, the E! News correspondent has been a fixture at the SAGs we’ve come to know and love. So why was the star MIA at this year’s event?

Could it have something to do with the backlash surrounding her appearance at the Golden Globes on Jan. 11?

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Throngs of people took to social media to express concern over Rancic’s weight as she covered the awards show from the red carpet. Admittedly, I was one of them.

But for every fan who was genuinely worried (like me) about the E! News correspondent, there seemed to be five more haters who viciously attacked Rancic’s weight — pointing out her protruding collarbone and sinewy arms.

In the wake of the event, we can’t imagine how Rancic must have felt.

It’s hard enough to hear one person make a derogatory comment about you, much less thousand of people. Honestly, I don’t blame the star if the body-shaming inspired her to be a no-show at this year’s SAG Awards.

And perhaps she chose not to attend in order to make a statement that she truly doesn’t have to deal with that kind of hateful criticism. It seems telling that she posted a casual picture to Instagram a few days ago with the caption, “No place to be. Nowhere to go. #thegoodlife.”

I mean, let’s get real for a minute — the red carpet simply wasn’t the same without her. For me, in fact, it was pretty dreadful without her. Sure, she has her awkward moments like anyone, but she is endearing and warm and seems to share a genuine rapport with the stars she’s interviewing.

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Maria Menounos gave it a good shot, but she had some big (and fancy, natch) shoes to fill. She flailed a bit, perhaps due to nerves or to the pressure of living up to Rancic.

Which leads to another potential reason Rancic wasn’t at the show this year. Could it be that it wasn’t her choice at all, but rather a deliberate decision by E!?

Since Menounos made the move from Extra to E! last summer, rumors have circulated that the claws are out between the new hire and the veteran Rancic. (An E! rep denies any bad blood.)

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According to Confidenti@l, Rancic originally planned not to renew her last contract — but decided to do so last-minute after going through the heartbreak of her surrogate suffering a miscarriage. Menounos, who was allegedly hired as Rancic’s potential replacement, likely had her sights set on the top E! News anchor spot.

With so much hysteria surrounding Rancic’s appearance at the Golden Globes, we wonder if the network could, in fact, be testing the waters for Menounos to take over as lead.

Whatever Rancic’s reason for not rocking her usual red carpet coverage, though, we hope it gets resolved before the Grammys on Feb. 8 and — my goodness — certainly before the Oscars on Feb. 22.

It’s just not the same without you, G!

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