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#AskHerMore: 12 Times we were frustrated with the SAG red carpet questions

Geez, it’d be nice if women on the SAG Awards red carpet, or any red carpet, were asked something of substance — something beyond “Who are you wearing?” Sadly, we were out of luck this year.

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The hashtag #AskHerMore was started last year by the Representation Project in an effort to get reporters on red carpets to focus less on what actresses are wearing and more on their achievements and their work — you know, the kind of questions men routinely get asked on red carpets.

And while we could certainly see some improvement from interviewers at this year’s SAG Awards red carpet, it’s apparent we still have a long way to go. Here are 12 times tonight we wished interviewers had made more of an effort to #AskHerMore.

When the interview with Laverne Cox focused on her “bangin’ body” and nails
Cox may be bringing a lot of attention to issues faced by the trans community, and she may be a part of a show that has changed the television landscape, but what we really want to know about is her nail polish brand of choice.

Every single time an actress was asked to do the mani cam instead of being asked about her performance

We have a wonderful idea: Less mani cam, more legitimate questions.

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The constant mentions of Brad Goreski

There was added incentive for E! to mention Brad Goreski’s name whenever they knew an actress they were interviewing had been styled by him. However, it’s one thing that all the ladies get asked incessantly about who they’re wearing — do we really need to start hearing about their stylists as well? How about we ask them about their work instead?

The unfortunate stream of questions for Natalie Dormer

“What are you wearing? Can we do a mani cam on you? Tell us about your jewelry. I hear you like to wear designers that are based in London. Is that true?” There was also, “Do you enjoy award shows? Are they fun for you? Are you going to party or do you have to get back on a plane?” Probing questions, these are not.

Pretty much Taryn Manning’s whole interview

Yep, it was great that Manning was able to mention the Lifetime movie she worked on where she played one of the Cleveland kidnapping victims. What wasn’t so great was Ross Mathews’ segue after Manning finished speaking: “I can’t wait to see you bring that story to life and tell that amazing story. We’re going to catch up, talk a little more fashion and fun, and throw it back to Maria.”

And Amanda Peet’s entire interview

Amanda Peet was introduced as the star of Togetherness and as the wife of the creator of Game of Thrones. Then, instead of being asked about her work, she had to spend the entire interview talking about Game of Thrones.

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The first question Julianne Moore was asked after “Who are you wearing?”

To be fair, Moore was eventually asked about her performance in Still Alice and what it’s doing for Alzheimer’s sufferers. It’s just sad that before she got to speak about that, she was asked, “Obviously it’s hot, but are you excited to be here today?” We can’t imagine she would say she wasn’t excited to be there.

When Keira Knightley was asked about her pregnancy

Yes, baby bumps are always the talk of the red carpet, and we think it’s a little sad. Surely, there are more interesting things to ask Keira Knightley in relation to the SAG Awards, even, than “Does being pregnant make it harder?”

Every time a Modern Family cast member was asked about Sofía and Joe

Oh, we get the fascination, but we just don’t understand why every Modern Family cast member was asked to comment on their relationship. To be fair, this wasn’t specific to the female cast members; Rico Rodriguez was also asked for his thoughts (Ty Burrell wasn’t, though). But how about Sofía and Joe get asked about Sofía and Joe and everyone else gets asked about themselves?

When Emma Stone, a first-time Oscar nominee, was not asked about being a first-time Oscar nominee

She was, however, asked a lot about who she was wearing, if she gets nervous performing when there is a famous person in the audience and about that infamous photobomb. But no mention of the Oscar nomination or the role that garnered said nomination.

When Maggie Gyllenhaal was asked about her brother

Maggie Gyllenhaal was nominated for a SAG Award for her performance in The Honorable Woman. She happened to win a Golden Globe for the same performance. But rather than being asked to talk about that, she was asked if she was bummed her brother, Jake, didn’t get an Oscar nomination, and now all anybody can talk about is what she said about him and the fact she used the word “meritocracy” while doing so. Shouldn’t we be talking about her performance, though?

When Rashida Jones was told she looked tanned
Um, yeah, that happened. A little less island getaway, a little more “I am actually always this color.”

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