Abigail Breslin tries to school haters on cyberbullying but gets attacked (PHOTOS)

Abigail Breslin has literally grown up in front of our very eyes, and we’d like to think she turned out just fine, especially in the cruel world of entertainment. However, on Saturday night, the actress had a bit of a Kanye-esque Twitter tantrum and probably could have handled her emotions differently.

Even after looking at the lengthy amount of tweets she’s made in the past 12 hours, it isn’t exactly clear why Breslin got so frustrated with the the blogosphere’s overwhelming amount of trolls and vicious words, especially from girls, but she did.

Things started when Breslin confessed to her followers that she’ll never understand the age-old question, “Why can’t girls just support other girls?” She explained that she’s lucky to be surrounded by some strong female companionship, but all the mean-spirited words women exchange between one another really need to stop. We totally support her message, but for Breslin, it would have probably been best to maybe send out a few vent tweets and walk away from her phone. Instead, the actress fell into the trap that the haters thrive on, and that’s all about giving them attention. Plus, we didn’t even mention Breslin’s subtle shade toward Taylor Swift in December.

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As you might have already guessed, Breslin’s words sparked a rather bold response from her fan base, which resulted in an even greater response from the actress. While some supported her thoughts, others were quick to slam the actress and even brought up her diss song “You Suck,” which she released late last year and which was reportedly directed at her 5SOS ex-boyfriend, Michael Clifford. Breslin defended her stance, calling the record a “joke song.” However, at that point, Clifford even got into the mix, tweeting to Breslin and telling her that he didn’t find the track funny. Ouch!

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If anything, Breslin’s rant went full throttle after the unexpected response from Clifford. She tried to specify that her rant isn’t a “girl” hate rant but instead a human hate rant, but she then brought up the cult classic Mean Girls. We get what you mean, Abigail, but you can’t say this isn’t a girl-on-girl issue and bring up a film that completely centers around adolescent female drama.

After a ton of replies and retweets, Breslin concluded her blowout by telling her followers that she does do her research and visits the accounts of some of these people only to see “how young and beautiful and smart” all of them seem to be. “Don’t ruin that by taking cheap shots,” she said before wishing everyone a good night.

It might be just a little too early for all of this Twitter aftermath on a Sunday morning.

How do you think Breslin could have handled her frustrations with the Internet’s girl-on-girl hate? Tell us below!


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