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Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana ‘reunion’ could actually become a thing

Miley Cyrus is up for a Hannah Montana reunion as long as some very specific requests are met.

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The singer spoke with E! News about the possibility of bringing her Disney character back and didn’t seem against it at all. She just has some expectations.

“I don’t know, only if she, like, has an alter ego and is actually me,” Cyrus explained. “Reverse it all the way around.”

Of course, the risqué pop star also had to add a joke in there for good measure: “People want to see a lot of things that I can’t do… on TV.”

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Shortly after her interview, Cyrus posted a fun #TBT to her Hannah Montana days on Twitter.

Although Cyrus no longer looks like her Disney Channel character, the two do still have a few things in common — like the way they can definitely rock a wig.

“I love wigs. Everyone loves wearing wigs,” Cyrus said. “It’s so easy. If I could get away with it, with wearing wigs every day, which I guess I could, but my wigs are a little less professional.”

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We know what she means: She recently rocked some long silver tinsel-looking locks with pasties to match. Not very business-appropriate.

Even though the starlet got to rock a lot of colorful hairstyles on her breakout show, Cyrus says she never got to keep one of the signature Hannah Montana wigs.

“They’re probably on a wax figure somewhere. I’m going to break into the Disney archives and get it out because they are definitely more high-quality than the ones I’m rocking.”

Somehow we doubt Cyrus would really have to go through all that trouble if she wanted one. Maybe she should start with an email?

Would you watch a Hannah Montana reunion?

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