12 Times House of Cards‘ Frank Underwood made us uncomfortable

Is there anything Frank Underwood won’t do to get ahead? That seems to be the challenge Netflix accepts on each season of House of Cards. We’re sure the upcoming season is no exception. But here are some of the most spine-tingling moments thus far.

1. This strut

FrankImage: Giphy.com

When he walks like this, it’s obvious he’s on the way to kick some ass.

2. This foretelling quote

Frank Image: Giphy.com

That doesn’t seem like something karma will catch up with you for at all, Frank.

3. When he looks into your soul

Frank Image: Giphy.com

Stop it.

4. That time he reminded us that he sucks at friendship

Frank Image: Giphy.com

It was a really rough breakup, OK? God, Frank!

5. Or when he actually threatened physical harm

Frank Image: Giphy.com

Frank Underwood: puppy kicker.

6. That time he let us in on a childish secret

Frank Image: Giphy.com

In other words: Get a babysitter when you visit the Underwoods.

7. This show of strength and stamina

Frank Image: Giphy.com

We’re pretty sure we only see this so it serves as a reminder that we can’t outrun him.

8. When we realized he brainwashed his wife

Frank Image: Giphy.com

Not you, too!

9. And he took the initiative

Frank Image: Giphy.com

We’re, uh, glad he’s around?

10. Of course, we also recognize a difference in priorities

Frank Image: Giphy.com

This is when we began wondering if Frank is even human.

11. And let’s not forget when he proved to be a terrible business partner

Frank Image: Giphy.com

What the — what just happened?!

12. This is why we can’t have nice things!

Frank Image: Giphy.com

Ugh. Frank. What are you about to do?

Which Frank Underwood moment in House of Cards really creeped you out? Tell us in the comments!

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