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Undateable‘s Chris D’Elia teases a sensitive Danny in Season 2

Undateable star Chris D’Elia opens up to us about what’s coming up in Season 2 and gives us his insight on what makes Danny tick.

The NBC series was a hilarious addition to the summer lineup last year, and there’s more pressure on the stars and creators now that the show is coming back this winter. But it’s the kind of pressure that D’Elia likes.

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“If the show doesn’t work, I want it to be my fault,” he said. “The first season, we were on in the summer and we were up against a lot of the playoff games and the NHL finals. Now we have the slot after The Voice. So we’ve got the eyeballs, and if we can’t keep it, it’s only our fault and I like that about that.”

There are some benefits to heading into the second season as well. Most of the stars of the series are touring stand-up comedians, and the writers actually used those acts in the series.

“We were finding our footing on the first season and the writers now [have] come to see us do stand-up and they’ve really tailored the parts totally to us,” D’Elia said.

“My character shows a little bit more of a sensitive side,” he said about Danny, the guy who sort of leads the group of wacky bar patrons. D’Elia said that in addition to Danny showing his softer side, Justin (Bren Morin) will be “less of a dork” in Season 2. That sounds like it could change up the dynamics between the two best friends — in an exciting way.

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Danny is a guy who seems to have it all worked out and often doles out advice to all of his friends, but what’s really happening on the inside? D’Elia opened up about his character and talked about what makes you love Danny, even with his quirks.

“He’s just in his own world and only thinks about himself and is happy about it. I don’t know how much he wants to change. I think there’s a little bit in the back of his head where he knows maybe it’s not right because his sister tells him, but it’s also what makes him funny, though. It’s also what makes him quirky and what makes you like him. The character is written to where that’s the thing: Girls want to hang out with him but not be with him. So I think that’s kind of the double-edged sword.”

There’s also little bit of D’Elia in Danny. “Danny is just kind of a heightened version of me or a heightened version of what I do on stage, which is a heightened version of me,” he said.

With a bunch of stand-up comics on set, the first season was chock full of ad-libbing. According to D’Elia, there will be even more this season, which has led to some extra footage for the blooper reel. “We’ve already shot two episodes this season and we already have a bunch of stuff that’s obviously going to be on the gag reel.”

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“We just mess around so much and so it’s like if we get it once on camera, we know we have it, we’re just going to do what we want. A lot of times, Bill Lawrence, the creator, will just say, ‘Do whatever you want.’ Literally, he will say that and we’ll do it and some of it makes it on the show,” D’Elia said of the antics on set that end up on screen.

Be sure to check out the second season of Undateable when it premieres on Tuesday, March 17, at 9:30/8:30c on NBC.

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