Mindy Kaling does naked yoga for Super Bowl commercial (VIDEO)

Jan 23, 2015 at 9:33 a.m. ET
Image: Brian To/WENN.com

It's almost here!

The biggest commercial day of the year. We wait for it all football season, the culmination of watching all that football all season, just to finally get to the Super Bowl ads.

OK, so I'm being a bit hyperbolic. I am, admittedly, excited about watching the "Deflategate" scandal continue to unfold and see how people keep losing their minds over it throughout the big game.

But we all know everyone, no matter if your team is playing or not, gets excited about the commercials, too.

And it is about time we got a good teaser to get us all hyped up.

We know there have been years where we've waited for the commercials, just to be royally let down. Well, this year is starting to look promising, thanks to the hilarious Mindy Kaling.

In the commercial, Kaling has the sudden realization that she might actually be invisible. So she does what anyone of us would do: She steals food and does naked yoga in public!

Check it out:


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