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SPOILERS: Will our favorite Togetherness pair get together?

If you’re like us, then you will have fallen in love with HBO’s latest offering from Steve Zissis and Brett and Mark Duplass, Togetherness. The quirky comedy is not only full of heart, it also happens to be legitimately hilarious.

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We can’t get enough of this show, and we’re only two episodes in! HBO has just released the episode synopses for three upcoming installments of Togetherness, to air beginning Feb. 8, and it looks like there is a lot to get excited about.

A new coupling?

Some of Togetherness‘ most heartwarming and entertaining moments come in the form of Alex (Zissis) and Tina (Amanda Peet) sharing screen time. Despite their constant bickering, it’s obvious they truly care for each other and that they are both at their happiest when they are with each other. So, naturally, we are desperate for them to get together. They are both underdogs in one way or another, and they could both stand to catch a break, and it would be nice if the break they caught were each other.

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So, could they actually be getting together? Per the synopsis for Episode 4, “Alex and Tina fly back to Houston to pack up her things. During a night of drinks and dancing, Tina finds herself unexpectedly jealous of Alex.” Well, Tina might not have expected it, but we certainly did. Then, in Episode 6, we have learned that, “Tina tries to make up with Alex by getting him an audition,” so it appears Tina’s jealousy may have caused a bit of a rift between the two. (Yes! Tension!) While not exactly a guarantee that they’re going to get together, Tina seeing Alex in a new, unexpected light is certainly a positive for their ‘shippers. We’re clinging to it, and we have no plans to let go anytime soon.

More attempts at intimacy

Brett (Mark Duplass) and Michelle’s (Melanie Lynskey) attempts to be intimate have, so far, returned both physically and emotionally painful results. Between Brett mistakenly thinking he was “getting a signal” and Michelle’s attempts to try some new, dominatrix-type options, things have been a little tense in the bedroom for these two.

However, they seem determined to give it another crack, so to speak. Episode 4 will see Brett whisk Michelle away for some “much-needed intimacy,” and, gosh, we hope they manage to get back on the proverbial horse. Although, Episode 5’s synopsis suggests they may not be so lucky.

Therapy is on the horizon

The mention of Michelle partaking in an “intense therapy session” in Episode 5 leaves us with a few questions: Is she seeing a therapist on her own? Or is this a couple’s therapy session, perhaps part of Michelle and Brett’s efforts to get back on the intimacy track? Either way, therapy seems to be a positive step, particularly given Michelle seems very much in need of an outlet.

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Hipsters are going down

While the notion of therapy doesn’t seem like it will bring the laughs, Episode 5 certainly won’t be without some scenarios that are prime to be mined for comedy. Apparently, Michelle will attempt to get a few old friends together for a fun day. However, “When a group of hipsters looks to sour their plans, Michelle challenges them to a brutal game of ‘kick the can.'”

First, the idea of Michelle challenging anyone to anything brutal makes me chuckle. While she is an obviously very strong and tough woman emotionally, she seems too gentle to be the type to physically brutalize hipsters over a children’s game. Having said that, make no bones about it: Our money is on Michelle any day of the week, particularly given the hipsters will likely be too tired from liking things before they were cool to even stand a chance at making this game an even competition.

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