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Carl’s Jr. hits an all-time low with super-sexist Super Bowl ad (VIDEO)

New statistics show that more women watch the Super Bowl. But Carl’s Jr. clearly isn’t targeting them, or even considering them, in their new add for XLIX.

In fact, the company is doing a prime job of just the opposite, putting out a commercial that is so objectifying and demeaning that there’s no way to look at it other than as the insult it is.

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Just in case you were wondering, the ad is called “Au Naturel.” I’m going to go ahead and say that they aren’t talking about the burger.

Of course, Carl’s Jr. is known for its commercials with scantily clad ladies chomping on some irrationally large burgers. Famous gals such as Paris Hilton, Kate Upton and Emily Ratajkowski have nearly shown it all for the sake of the paycheck fast food, but for some reason, the newest commercial just offends me more than the rest.

There are a few really good reasons why, but the first is that it objectifies women more than any of the others. The model initially appears to be naked as she strolls around the farmers market. And to cover her lady bits, the ad uses fruits and vegetables as replacements. Instead of her boobs, we see two strategically placed cantaloupes. Instead of her butt, a suggestively grown tomato. Of course, the seller gives the tomato a good squeeze. Like it could get anymore insulting than it is.

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Not only does the commercial spew objectification, it also does so unapologetically, like treating women in that fashion somehow makes the brand cool

“I think everyone knows what Carl’s Jr. is all about,” Adweek editor, Lisa Granatstein, told Good Morning America, “These ads aren’t going after women, they’re going after men. They are not afraid of the controversy. The more controversy the better.”

Great, so what she’s saying is that Carl’s Jr. is all about sexism and we’re all supposed to be OK with it because the commercials are meant for men. Duh. Um… excuse me?

I’m all for letting some sexiness show. Personally, I’m all about embracing our bodies. But this commercial doesn’t embrace loving yourself or being who you are. (Neither the ice-pick guy nor the hose guy give a rat’s ass about talking with this girl. They just want to gawk.) It just shows how backward our society is, not how progressively we’re moving towards a world of equality between men and women.

There is a difference between sexy and sexist. Sexy is about an inner confidence and intelligence coming out in your actions. It’s about being yourself and not trying to please others — especially not pervy farmers. See the new Victoria’s Secret ad for a shinning example of sexy (not that the lingerie company has always been perfect, but hey, they’re trying right?).

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“I love going all natural,” the Carl’s Jr. model says in her most seductive voice as she saunters, barely clothed, through the market.

If only this Carl’s Jr. commercial really was natural instead of a perfect example of the degrading box women are forced into every day.

Watch the full commercial below.

Do you think the latest Carl’s Jr. commercial deserves all the controversy?

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